Managing NGOs in Developing Countries


Managing NGOs in Developing Countries is series of Case Studies written by LUMS faculty and published by the Oxford University Press (OUP). SEDC aims to develop indigenous and contextually specific teaching material that is available to development professionals, scholars and researchers worldwide.  These case studies focus on the evolving role and performance of non-government organizations (NGOs) in the socio-economic development of Pakistan from a managerial perspective. The purpose of these case studies is to examine how NGOs function as organizations, and their structures and interactions with public and private sector organizations.


The series includes cases on management areas such as Managing People and Organizations, Marketing and Advocacy, Finance and Control, Operations Management and Managing Change. Five volumes have been published and volume 1 to 3 have also been translated into Urdu and published by OUP.


  1. Volume One: Concepts, Frameworks and Cases
  2. Volume Two: Management Cases from Pakistan
  3. Volume Three: Gender Challenges
  4. Volume Four: Caring for Future Generations
  5. Volume Five:  Health and Environment