Vision & Mission


To enable Pakistan’s social and economic development through research, policy dialogue, training and monitoring & evaluation.



SEDC’s mission is to be an important stakeholder in Pakistan’s economic and social development. Its focus is on action and policy research, capacity building through direct training and monitoring & evaluation in key areas of the country's economic and social development.


Strategic Framework



SEDC’s strategic framework is built upon three pillars- research, policy and training; dialogue is instrumentalized within and across these pillars to inform the iterative process of development. Dialogue is also employed to cultivate linkages and promote awareness among public institutions and civil society.


Gender and Social Inclusion: Our Cross-cutting Themes

Gender equality and social inclusion are cross-cutting themes in all centre related activities. Pakistan ranked 144th out of 145 countries in the 2016 Global Gender Gap Index based on disparities in health, education, economic and political participation. Enhancing women’s autonomy, mobility and economic power align with SEDC’s core values of seeking greater social and economic inclusion. The Centre champions 'an approach that goes beyond add gender and stir' and seeks to target intersecting inequalities in its methodology of research, teaching, evaluation and policy.